Eyedrop glaucoma treatment

Eyedrops are usually prescribed as the first line therapy for most types of glaucoma. It is essential to understand that glaucoma does not have a cure, so these drops should be taken on a regular basis, everyday, for your entire life. One of the most important factors in using eye drops for glaucoma is regularity over a long period of time. Consistent/Repetitive failure to comply with eyedrop treatment may result in poor glaucoma control and vision loss.

As a suggestion, you may plan out a schedule for taking your drops around your normal routine, such as when you wake up, brush your teeth, eat meals or when you go to bed at night. You may also set reminders in your cell phone. As a suggestion, after taking a dose, you can put a mark on the calendar so that you remember that you have taken the medicine.

Aim to put only one drop at a time, but if you are not sure the drop got into the eye, you may put an extra drop right away. To optimize eyedrop use, please check What is the correct way of instilling the eyedrops?.

It is recommended to keep a stock of your medication at home, and do not forget to take your eyedrops bottles with you while travelling. Before you visit your eye doctor for check up, always use your eyedrops as usual.

Eyedrops are medicines, and it may be contra-indicated in the presence of some other systemic/ocular diseases. Please remember to tell your doctor if you suffer from any other medical illness like asthma, arrhythmia, bradycardia, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid diseases, angina, arthritis, depression etc., or are taking oral medicines or inhalers for any other condition. The ophthalmologist is able to choose the best treatment strategy for each individual case.

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Important message for glaucoma patients

It is important for you to get yourself regularly screened for glaucoma. If you have been diagnosed to have glaucoma, effective treatment options are now available and regular treatment and follow up can help you to preserve your vision for your lifetime, avoiding unnecessary fear of going blind.

You can live happily with glaucoma and enjoy an excellent quality of life, particularly if the disease is detected early and treated in time. Always remember that once you have glaucoma, you will have to be under the care of an eye doctor for the rest of your life.

There is a lot of research going on and new treatments may become available for glaucoma in the near future.

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